Complaining Clutters the Mind

My mantra has become, “We never do anything fun anymore.” We used to go on adventure dates where our only destination was somewhere new to explore whatever we came across: hiking trails, used bookstores, vintage clothing and new nibbles. After

The Best Gift This Holiday Season

What is the best gift this holiday season? The best gift is to show love instead of trying to buy it and to stop trying to create a picture perfect moment and just be together. To share homemade food together served with engaging conversations.

Creating Your Own Suffering: The Second Arrow

Creating Your Own Suffering: The Second Arrow

In Buddhism, there is term called the second arrow. This is the additional suffering we create by creating a story or identifying with our pain…These arrows prolong the suffering and often get carried into other situations that may trigger a similar type of response. We can pragmatically deal with the first arrow to our best ability, but when we see the markings of the second arrow, we must stop ourselves to see that it is a fictional idea driven by fear.