The Power of HumilityI have a great role model and I think the whole world should know about him.

He’s a nice guy and he does a lot for the people of this world, but that’s not why I look up to him. Of all his traits, it’s his humility that speaks loudest to me. Now I have to admit, I’m not talking about a real person, but I still think we can learn a lot from him. I’m talking about Superman and if you’ve ever seen the movie, Man of Steel, then you know what I mean. In this version, he is portrayed as a humble young man who struggles with doing what is right without abusing his powers. Perhaps Superman’s humility comes from the fact that he’s special and he knows it.

I don’t mean Superman is special because he has super powers and he’s from another planet. He’s special because he’s alone. There’s no one else in the world like him, but nevertheless, he fits right in because his internal struggles are so human. In reality, Superman doesn’t want to feel special because he is different. Instead, he desires to be seen like everyone else.

What’s funny to me is that none of us have super powers. We’re all from the same planet, yet most of us want to feel special and be recognized for our differences. It’s true that we are all unique, but it’s our desires that are similar. The thing that most people don’t realize is that the act of wanting is what keeps us from where we want to be. In other words, the desire to feel special and be recognized for being different is what prevents us from actually getting there.

The Power of HumilityWhat I have noticed in myself and the world around me is an internal struggle that gets externalized through social means. It is the desire to be seen as unique while simultaneously wanting to belong. However, the real issue lies in the externalization. When a person seeks externally for reinforcement of a self-image, the social world is all too happy to oblige. The bizarre thing is that people will take any sort of reinforcement they can get, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. This is a result of the ego feeding itself. We play into self-imposed roles and project them upon the world. If we tend to play the role of a victim, we are seeking attention not help. This is because no one can truly help us since the issue is of our own design.

Victimization is only one example, but people will exploit all sorts of roles and stereotypes for attention. Nothing about this behavior makes us unique and in fact, it just makes us like everyone else who plays along. This method of searching externally feeds into the social illusion of belonging. This is a falseness that in reality only alienates us from actually knowing our true selves.

What truly makes us unique is when we seek to know ourselves by searching inwardly. Once we rely upon ourselves to feel whole, we no longer have a need to belong since we live in accordance with our own sense of self-assurance.

For this Challenge, I have only one request. I want everyone to think about Superman and what it means to have humility. For the next week we should seek to put aside our egos and instead practice humility.

We cannot foster humility in society until we humble ourselves.

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