October 3, 2014

Little Things: Noticing What Is Precious

The little things that I love evoke my love for colors and beauty. I do not underestimate the power of appreciating the little details that sparkle in the middle of your day.

1) I love waking up from an evening nap to hear the sound of rain outside my window. It is as if the city was taking a languorous shower while I slept.

As a child, my dad told me that Eastern philosophy considers it to be good fortune to live by a stream or running water. Since he could not build a stream in the suburbs, he did the next best thing. He built an enormous Koi pond teaming with fish and lotus flowers. There are so many varieties of fish that have lived there for over 18 years. Looking into the pond, I am amazed by the red, oranges and golden hues that swirl together as their fins dance around one another. In addition, my Ahpah built a waterfall that drops into the middle of the pond, so the water does not become stagnant and still. This sound soothed my son to sleep when he was a baby. There is something calming about listening to water sounds while traveling to dreamland.

2) When I put my makeup on this morning, I noticed a stray glitter on my face, a small dot of Little Things: Noticing What Is Precioussparkling green that is a remnant of the art projects I did with my nephews. We love using glitter glue that has all the glamorous benefits of glitter without the holy mess. Skyler likes to use it like paint to accentuate the beads and feathers in the artwork. He also uses it to make miniature cupcakes, and he sticks skinny little beads in it to look like candles. My favorite part is when he sings happy birthday to me even though it is not my birthday. I get to make a wish with each song. Maybe we should make a wish every day. Why wait until it is your birthday?

*Most of the artwork done on this page is done by Skyler, artist prodigy, and posted here with his permission.

3) Using precious items every day makes me happy. Instead of saving your beautiful teacups or pretty towels for guests, I urge you to use them now and everyday. I have a silver Hello Kitty teaspoon that now resides in my raw sugar jar. I use it every time I drink tea, and it makes me smile. It was a gift from my sister-in-law when she went to Los Angeles to visit her family. We have developed this wonderful habit of buying each other little gifts when we travel. I like to buy her colorful pens and Victorian stationary. She buys me an assortment of Hello Kitty accessories. These exchange of gifts after we travel extends the joyful feeling of vacations. To see her excitement when I give her the gifts makes me so happy. She says that she feels the same way. It reminds me of the joy of giving a thoughtfully chosen gift for a loved one. You share the love, and it is an immediate return of happiness.

Little Things: Noticing What Is Precious

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