Junk Food Elimination: Clearing Space

Find the necessary distance away from your junk food habits to begin your path to healthy nutrition.

As you embark on a path of healthy nutrition remember to be patient and kind with yourself. There is a lot of conflicting information out there that can confuse and even discourage you from getting started. Beyond avoiding junk food, trust what your body says over what experts dictate because what may be right for another may not be right for your body chemistry. The body never lies and provides many clues to indicate what is good for you vs. what is draining your system . My body lets me know right away if I ingested something that causes an allergic reaction, makes me feel moody or induces extra energy and good vibrations. Listen to and be aware of how your body reacts to certain food and eating habits.

When starting a program of wellness, try not to become overwhelmed with new options during meals and snack time. Start small by slowly eliminating unhealthy snacks and meals that you know are not good for your overall nutrition. Replace one meal out of your day with a delicious, vibrant alternative. We need to clear the space and edit our eating habits to make room for the new. For example, drinking only one cup of coffee a day can make room for hot herbal drinks or more water. Eating less junk food will make you hungry for real meals that will satiate you as well as revitalize you afterwards.

Weeding out the unhealthy meals and snacks. For the next two weeks days, weed out one meal and one snack from your day that you know isn’t nutritious or supportive toward healthy habits. Think about the saying, “You are what you eat.” Do this with a compassionate attitude and do not allow yourself to have a harsh, restrictive tone with your eating choices. This will only make you want to rebel against your own decisions and intentions. Remember that what you take in affects so much of how you look and feel. Understand that what you ingest directly affects your mood and attitude.

As you stop eating food that does not support good energy, you can start filling that space with healthier options.

For more insight on this topic. Here is a great slideshow that highlights healthy eating habits from Berkeley Wellness.

For another Challenge on this same topic.


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