blue-lagoon-267957_640The word “challenge” has many connotations and meanings.

If something is a challenge for us, it can overwhelm us, inspire us to greatness and become a catalyst for change. At Challenge Genie, we believe that words have as much power and meaning as we give them.

We choose to see the word “challenge” as an opportunity to meet the edges of our comfort zone to motivate us toward personal evolution and growth. There is a boundary that marks two territories in our psyche. It adjoins the territory of experiences that are familiar with the areas of the unknown. We must traverse this boundary to overcome our fears as well as develop new habits toward our authentic fulfillment.

We have created various Challenges to develop your inspirational muscles. As you take on a Challenge that interests you, remember that you are creating new patterns of behavior toward an overall goal of well-being. Each time you bring awareness into your own process of reaching positive challenges, you establish motivational habits (as well as synaptic nerve connections) for all areas of your life. Share your excitement with loved ones and ask them to support your Challenge goals and to join in on the fun. Support others who are taking on the same Challenge with encouragement and genuine communication.

We ask that the Challenge activities include your emotional engagement and not your external need for winning and competing. Check in with yourself often and see how you feel about the process. Do what feels good and what feels right for you. Knowing and honoring your needs and feelings are essential to personal success and happiness. Excitement and passion can overcome any fear of change. Begin playing now!

Inspirational Challenges

Start flexing your personal growth

  • The Essential Purpose of Sleep

    The Essential Purpose of Sleep

    There is an essential purpose to sleep that we cannot deny. Proper rest gives us the perspective to work through big and small challenges throughout our day. It also gives us the energy to put our plans into action. Every
  • Taking Responsibility and Communication

    Taking Responsibility and Communication

    If we stopped to consider how our words or actions could affect us in the future, we might start taking responsibility for how we communicate.
  • A Forcefield Against Negativity

    A Forcefield Against Negativity

    Even though it has been very difficult to hear and see the negativity of others, it has been a powerful wakeup call for my own habits. We can never believe that we are done with our issues or convince ourselves that we have reached the end of our self-examination.
  • Oversharing on Social Media

    Oversharing on Social Media

    In todays technology driven world, social media has become all the rage. Sharing our life adventures with friends and family online is easy and convenient. On the other hand, oversharing personal information can be detrimental to our safety.
  • Reviewing Your Past

    Reviewing Your Past

    Imagine yourself caught in the narrative of a memory that gave you great joy and is so full of happiness that you can feel it in your body. Notice and hold the excitement and joy from the recalled past.
  • The Power of Humility

    The Power of Humility

    I have a great role model I think the whole world should know about. Of all his traits, it’s his humility that speaks loudest to me.
  • Removing Distractions

    Removing Distractions

    By removing distractions, we begin to clear up space for the things that really matter in our lives. We create room for ourselves.
  • Being Present

    Being Present

    We are often lost in our past memories or projecting our fears into the future. Being present has become a challenge, but when we are grounded in the current moment and time, life rewards us with peace.
  • Procrastination and Over Doing it

    Procrastination and Over Doing it

    We all need a little rest and relaxation from time to time, but what happens when it turns into procrastination?
  • Entertainment Addiction and How to Unplug

    Entertainment Addiction and How to Unplug

    Our society suffers from entertainment addiction. Everywhere I go I see people staring at their phones, tablets and laptops.

More Challenges for Your Evolution

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