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The Professional aspect concentrates on achievement in the work place and in your vocational calling. Have you been waiting to develop more job skills to become an asset in your current job or do want to switch careers altogether? Professional development can improve your income and outlook for the future. If you have been waiting to take a leap towards a path that fulfills more than just your financial needs, then this aspect is the best place for you to discover the next big step in your career path.

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  • Leave Your Draining Job

    Leave Your Draining Job

    The time is now to begin acting on your intentions to look for a better job. If you are in a position that you dread returning to every Monday morning, then something needs to change in your career. You need to initiate the first steps in your action plans to leave a draining job.
  • How to Leave a Joyless Job

    How to Leave a Joyless Job

    I have had many communications from friends regarding the topic of how leave a joyless job. At the same time, when I have found myself in this same position, I have reached out to get support and answers to this question. By the time we reach this point, it is clear that we need to find a way out of the bind that we found ourselves in.

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