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The Physical aspect centers on the body and all things concerned with the well-being and the outward expressions of health. To experience and embody vitality, one must be of sound body and mind. The harmony of a well-nourished, physically active, and fully-rested body exudes beauty and strength. Are you are looking to improve your eating habits, exercise regimen, or body image? The physical aspect will empower you to initiate your commitment to feeling well and looking great. A healthy body is a happy body.

Get the Ball Rolling Towards Optimum Health

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  • The Essential Purpose of Sleep

    The Essential Purpose of Sleep

    There is an essential purpose to sleep that we cannot deny. Proper rest gives us the perspective to work through big and small challenges throughout our day. It also gives us the energy to put our plans into action. Every
  • White Pumpkin Soup Recipe

    White Pumpkin Soup Recipe

    This recipe for white pumpkin soup is perfect for a cold autumn day.  It’s simple, healthy and delicious.  This is a very versatile recipe, you can customize any way you want.    Cube The Fresh Pumpkin: Using a large knife,
  • Procrastination and Over Doing it

    Procrastination and Over Doing it

    We all need a little rest and relaxation from time to time, but what happens when it turns into procrastination?
  • Living with Chronic Pain

    Living with Chronic Pain

    Emotional healing and understanding your pain can be a big step towards recovery and physical healing. Acceptance may be difficult but it is important to do so for your own happiness and well-being. It is important to accept your situation and take steps towards healing your body and your mind.
  • The Magic of Frozen Chocolate

    The Magic of Frozen Chocolate

    Be sure to include dark cocoa in your frozen dessert fun. The beautiful thing about cocoa is that they keep finding more and more health benefits for it. Dark chocolate is like the kale of the roasted bean family.
  • Start Your Day Off Right

    Start Your Day Off Right

    Start your day off right with these delicious and simple recipes. Use your own variation of flavors and blends, but follow the basic idea of the recipe to have a high protein, nutritious yet filling start to your day.
  • An Easy Power Breakfast

    An Easy Power Breakfast

    This versatile and easy power breakfast will start your day with an energy kick. You can alter the recipe easily by adding in your own fruit combinations, syrups and sauces. I made my first batch and put them into take out containers and had one for each family member to take in the morning.
  • Junk Food Elimination: Clearing Space

    Junk Food Elimination: Clearing Space

    We need to clear the space and edit our eating habits to make room for the new. Eating less junk food will make you hungry for real meals that will satiate you as well as revitalize you afterwards.
  • Vitality Boosting via Nutrition

    Vitality Boosting via Nutrition

    Without our health, energy and strength, it is impossible to work towards our dreams. How we feed our bodies directly affects our vitality.
  • You Feel What You Eat

    You Feel What You Eat

    What we eat creates a direct chemical response in our body. These chemical responses can be used as a compass to elevate or balance your moods. Not only is it true that you are what you eat but you also feel what you eat through your brain's chemical responses. Our mindset can affect us in profound ways.

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