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The Financial aspect focuses on money matters that affect our sense of empowerment and freedom. Whether it is balancing finances or saving money for vacations and retirement, you may be compelled to examine and improve your relationship towards money and abundance. Do you have a strong interest in learning about investing or becoming financially savvy? Find ways to earn an income that matches your lifestyle goals or spend money in a balanced way. Improve your ability to live with a sense of security and strengthen your financial independence and vibrancy.

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  • Be Good to Yourself by Paying Yourself First

    Be Good to Yourself by Paying Yourself First

    Be good to yourself by paying yourself first. Self-love goes beyond healthy living and nurturing ourselves. Ultimately, it includes looking out for our long term financial security. This is where the valuable rule of Paying Yourself First becomes an important concept...
  • Plan Your Retirement Wishes

    Plan Your Retirement Wishes

    Let your heart guide you to your ideal retirement wishes. Begin talking about your future retirement with your loved one right now. Do not wait to plan.
  • The Importance of Planning for Retirement

    The Importance of Planning for Retirement

    Retirement is a wonderful time to make your dreams come true. However, you need to be financially prepared. The first step in planning for retirement is...
  • Leave Your Draining Job

    Leave Your Draining Job

    The time is now to begin acting on your intentions to look for a better job. If you are in a position that you dread returning to every Monday morning, then something needs to change in your career. You need to initiate the first steps in your action plans to leave a draining job.
  • How to Leave a Joyless Job

    How to Leave a Joyless Job

    I have had many communications from friends regarding the topic of how leave a joyless job. At the same time, when I have found myself in this same position, I have reached out to get support and answers to this question. By the time we reach this point, it is clear that we need to find a way out of the bind that we found ourselves in.
  • A Little Can Go a Long Way: Saving for College

    A Little Can Go a Long Way: Saving for College

    : Instead of letting worry take over and freeze you from acting, start investigating your state's options for 529 savings plans and look into your local banks for Educational Roth IRA plans. Remember a little can go a long way.
  • Saving for College on a Budget

    Saving for College on a Budget

    There are usually two options for saving for your child's education- Educational IRA's or 529 savings plans. You can decide which one is the best option for saving for college on a budget. One important difference between the two plans is that the 529 college savings plans allow you to start with less funds.
  • Let Go and Remove Clutter

    Let Go and Remove Clutter

    In many spiritual practices, we are rewarded for what we can let go from our past. This also applies as we let go of the clutter and habits that are no longer useful in our lives. For the next ten days, see what you can give away or donate that you do not use in your life.
  • Collector’s Mentality: A Distraction from Life

    Collector’s Mentality: A Distraction from Life

    No matter what our collecting habits are, they can get in the way of larger experiences and pursuits. Without some awareness, we can squander a great deal of time and energy. We can distract ourselves away from the opportunities to engage in activities that supports our enrichment. Halting the collecting habit can free up your time and attention.

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