Strengthen Your Emotional Core

The Emotional aspect contemplates a healthy balance in the realm of emotions, feelings and psychological outlook. This entails developing a sense of resilience to take in all of life’s experiences and learn how to manage emotionally charged circumstances. Do you need help finding the positive attributes to difficult situations? Strengthening your emotional aspect can help you see the opportunities that life presents to you. Taking emotional responsibility will lead to a foundation of assurance and strength to help you navigate your life with clarity and joy.

Support Your Emotional Awareness

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  • Complaining Clutters the Mind

    Complaining Clutters the Mind

    My mantra has become, “We never do anything fun anymore.” We used to go on adventure dates where our only destination was somewhere new to explore whatever we came across: hiking trails, used bookstores, vintage clothing and new nibbles. After
  • The Best Gift This Holiday Season

    The Best Gift This Holiday Season

    What is the best gift this holiday season? The best gift is to show love instead of trying to buy it and to stop trying to create a picture perfect moment and just be together. To share homemade food together served with engaging conversations.
  • Small Steps Toward Thriving

    Small Steps Toward Thriving

    “We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.”  – George Sands Last night, I had a terrible time sleeping. I felt excitable but extremely tired. I wanted to
  • The Essential Purpose of Sleep

    The Essential Purpose of Sleep

    There is an essential purpose to sleep that we cannot deny. Proper rest gives us the perspective to work through big and small challenges throughout our day. It also gives us the energy to put our plans into action. Every
  • All-Sidedness: Flexibility of Mind and Body

    All-Sidedness: Flexibility of Mind and Body

    A balanced individual lives from a sense of all-sidedness that allows for an open approach to interacting with the world and bends like the bamboo in the storm but finds one's strength in flexibility.
  • Distractions From Life

    Distractions From Life

    Distractions come in many forms and often disguise themselves as "important," but are nothing more than habits we develop which can keep us from fulfilling our true purpose in life.
  • How to Avoid a Half-Lived Life

    How to Avoid a Half-Lived Life

    There are some interesting studies that prove a life with meaning increases our chances for a healthy life. I can feel this truth when I put some effort into my creative projects, fed my long-term goals through acting on them. I feel stronger, happier and healthier.
  • Feeling Stuck This Morning: Podcast

    Feeling Stuck This Morning: Podcast

    "Do you ever wake up feeling stuck like there is this big gap between where you want to be and where you actually are. I feel that way this morning."
  • Taking Pause

    Taking Pause

    Without a moment to ponder and reflect, we can end up living our lives in a constant state of reaction, rather than right action. Taking pause is essential to us all.
  • Creating Your Own Suffering: The Second Arrow

    Creating Your Own Suffering: The Second Arrow

    In Buddhism, there is term called the second arrow. This is the additional suffering we create by creating a story or identifying with our pain...These arrows prolong the suffering and often get carried into other situations that may trigger a similar type of response. We can pragmatically deal with the first arrow to our best ability, but when we see the markings of the second arrow, we must stop ourselves to see that it is a fictional idea driven by fear.

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