Eight Aspects of Life to Achieve Harmony and Balance

To start this exciting journey, we want to clarify the eight aspects of a harmonious life. It is our objective to help you to achieve your goals. In order for that to occur, the various aspects of our lives need to operate together and not become compartmentalized from one another. If we look at our daily experience, some parts of our lives function more smoothly and naturally than others. Sometimes, we may need guidance in certain areas that we have neglected in the past. Other times, perhaps, we may feel the need to be held accountable to achieve our goals.

Challenge Genie is here to empower you and to provide a place for you to progress. Please review these eight aspects and pay close attention to what thoughts or reactions you may have. What draws your attention? What brings up the most resistance? These strong responses can act as guideposts for the areas in your life that you may need to explore.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Creative aspect deals with all types of imaginative explorations that are waiting for you to play with. Have you always wanted to describe yourself as “creative” person? Being creative can benefit our day-to-day lives by gaining appreciation of beauty and learning to express a unique sense of style. This aspect speaks to aspiring talent as well as established artists, writer, dancers and creative professionals. This aspect is for those who want to take newly-formed ideas to the next level and develop them into a finished project. Tap into the rewarding cycle of inspiration, exploration and creation.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Emotional aspect contemplates a healthy balance in the realm of emotions, feelings and psychological outlook. This requires developing a firm sense of resilience to take in all of life’s experiences and learn how to manage emotionally charged circumstances. Do you need help finding the positive attributes to difficult situations? This aspect will assist you to discover your inner courage. Strengthening your emotional aspect can help you see the opportunities that life presents to you. Taking emotional responsibility will lead to a foundation of assurance and strength to help you navigate your life with clarity and joy.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Financial aspect focuses on money matters that affect our sense of empowerment and freedom. Do you want to develop a positive attitude towards abundance? Whether it is balancing finances, or finding ways to save for vacations and retirement, you may be compelled to examine and improve your relationship towards money. Do you have a strong interest in learning about investing or becoming financially savvy? Find out ways to earn an income that matches your lifestyle goals. Learn to spend money in a balanced way. Improve your ability to live with a sense of security and strengthen your financial independence and vibrancy.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Intellectual aspect focuses on the quest for learning and knowledge. Do you have a drive to improve your mental abilities by studying another language or developing a new skill? Do you wish to improve your memory? The intellect is a powerful tool to help us grasp new information, acquire fresh skills and to expand our horizons and abilities. Whether it is building on a wealth of information that you already know or diving into unexplored territories, the intellectual aspect can improve your mental capacities and benefit your life in new and exciting ways.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Physical aspect centers on the physical body and all things concerned with well-being and the outward expressions of health. To experience and embody vitality, one must be of sound body and mind. The harmony of a well-nourished, physically active, and fully-rested body exudes beauty and strength. Are you are looking to improve your eating habits or exercise regimen? Would you like to boost your body image? The physical aspect will empower you to initiate your commitment to feeling well and looking great. A healthy body is a happy body.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Professional aspect concentrates on achievement in the work place and in your vocational calling. Have you been waiting to develop more job skills or education? Do you want to be a vital asset in your current employment? Do want to switch careers altogether? Professional development can improve your income and outlook for the future. If you have been waiting to take a leap towards a path that fulfills more than just your financial needs, then this aspect is the best place for you to discover the next big step in your career path.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Social aspect focuses on various relationships that you want to improve on or create in your life. These shared connections with others make life fuller and provide many opportunities to grow. You may want to improve your communication skills or learn to appreciate the ones you love. Are you looking for a lasting romantic relationship? Do you want to have genuine friendships or a community to belong to? In this social aspect, you will get the support you need to take risks from the heart, to extend your network of people and to attract others who are also on the same path.


Aspects of a Harmonious Life The Spiritual aspect defines sources of fulfillment that enliven our spirit. This can involve finding a practice of awareness and gratitude with meditation, discovering meaning in daily tasks or by being fully awake in the present moment. Do you want to find a spiritual community? Are you interested in discovering your own spiritual path? The spiritual aspect can address and nourish these inner desires. Opening yourself to new beliefs and perspectives can help develop your passion for a rewarding life.