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Our goal at Challenge Genie is to empower you and to awaken your highest potential. We provide you with various challenges, supportive guidance and how-to information designed to help you feel confident and in command of your happiness and well-being. We focus on heart-centered success that is built upon genuine progress and lifestyle changes. At Challenge Genie, Your wish is your command.

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All positive change begins with knowing where you are and shifting toward where you want to be. Navigate through our key eight key aspects to focus on the areas of your life that need the most support and guidance. Under these key aspects, you will find engaging challenges and informative articles to help you get started on your journey to self-improvement. Challenge Genie is here to be your cheerleader, coach and supportive team member.

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Feed your mind and spirit everyday with a dollop of inspiration and a spoonful of helpful tips. Getting a daily dose of motivation can sustain the momentum of your progress. A little encouragement can go a long way. Challenge Genie has created a space for daily inspirations, quotes and tips to jumpstart and to maintain your enthusiasm. Visit daily to keep up with your dose of optimism and excitement for your progress.

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Core Values

Core Values

At Challenge Genie, our thirteen core values are the heart of our philosophy. To make genuine progress, we must start from within and exude the positive inner changes outwardly. Apply and use these values as you work with yourself and interact with others; as we all take steps towards an integrated sense of health and happiness. At Challenge Genie, we are here to empower you and to provide a place for you to develop and progress on your life’s path....

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Eight Aspects of a Harmonious Life

Eight Aspects of a Harmonious Life

Navigate through these eight key aspects that a person needs to embody and embrace for a well-rounded life. Take the time to investigate the areas of your life that need your attention, and celebrate the aspects of your life that already feel successful. Change begins with an understanding of what needs to be addressed and nurtured. Take up the challenges and follow the articles in the aspects that you feel need to be explored and developed....

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